Foundation Requirements

Stoltzfus Outdoor Living has a few guidelines and requirements for homeowners looking into getting a shed to review and make sure your property fits the specifications before installation can occur.

"I would like to MOVE my shed. What do you need to know?"

  1. Year of shed
  2. Style of shed
  3. Width
  4. Length
  5. Overhang size
  6. Is it on skids (is it a Mobile structure)
  7. Is it anchored to the ground
  8. Is there a ramp, cupola or anything attached to the shed
  9. Can it be accessed by a truck and trailer
  10. Is there yard irrigation, septic, etc. or anything near the shed
  11. Is the shed empty of its contents
  12. Is there any rotting on the shed
  13. What is the overall height of the shed


"I would like a NEW shed. What foundation preparations do I need to make?"

  1. Top soil removed to an area the size of shed to a level grade
  2. 4x6 pressure Treated boards are boarded in to an area the size of the shed
  3. Weed control fabric is put down inside boarded area
  4. 4x6 boards are re-barred into the ground ever 3'-4'
  5. 4x6 boards are lagged together at all 4 corners
  6. Boarded in area is filled with stone to the top of 4x6's

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