Manor Series

The Manor design is based on a steep-pitched roof, with a 10 x 12 pitch, which adds height to the interior and helps shed snow loads more effectively. The Manor is made to order and comes in floor plan sizes from 8' x 12' up to 12' x 24'. The walls are 7' 4" high. 


Specification Option
Wall Height: 7'4"
Overhang: 12"
Windows: Two 24"x36"
Door Style: Rectangle double door with arch trim
A-frame roof pitch: 10
Quaker roof pitch: 9, 7-1/2
Dutch roof pitch: 21, 7
Hinges: 10"
All Trim: Miratec
Shingles: 30yr GAF
Siding: 5/8" Duratemp or D4 vinyl
Additional Info: Pressure Treated floor, tar paper on roof, two 12x14 gable vents